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JavaOne 2011 Rain or Shine

I’ve got a date tomorrow morning with a laptop,  JavaFX, and a mic: Interface Layout with JavaFX2.0 Wednesday, 10:00 AM, Hotel Nikko – Nikko Ballroom II/III I’ll be speaking about all the topics I’ve been meaning to blog about. Advertisements

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Circa 1996

Office drawers are like attics.  The other day I opened one and found a stack of pictures.   This was the Java Client team in late 1996. Left to Right: Jim Graham, Rick Levenson, Tim Prinzing, Georges Saab, Jonni Kanerva, Jeannette … Continue reading

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JavaFX2.0 Layout: A Class Tour

JavaFX2.0 Beta is out.    We’ve taken advantage of the language shift to extensively remodel the layout APIs based on a year’s worth of tire-kicking.   This article (the first in a series) will introduce you to the basics. In … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Ramble on Swing & JavaFX

At last night’s JavaOne JDK BOF, the question was posed, “What are the JDK plans for Swing?”      Mark Reinhold noticed me skulking in the audience and bounced the question: “Aim?”.  Caught a bit off guard, I answered a pat “it’s … Continue reading

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Back to our Roots for JavaOne

There is no place like San Francisco in September.     But aside from blue skies, I can say as someone who has been part of JavaOne since 1996 that I’m ecstatic that our newly acquired focus is returning to our roots … Continue reading

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JavaFX 1.3: Growing, Shrinking and Filling

Establishing dynamic sizing behavior is one of the trickier aspects of GUI layout.   For JavaFX 1.3, we’ve introduced the grow/shrink/fill layout preferences on Resizable nodes to support more sensible default resizing behavior of controls and containers out of the … Continue reading

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JavaFX 1.3: Managed Gets Promoted

Sometimes a node just doesn’t want its parent messing with its size or position.  In 1.2 you could use LayoutInfo to mark a node as ‘unmanaged’ to tell its parent Container not to factor it into layout and this concept … Continue reading

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